Support Ticket Instructions

Please copy and paste the Yardi Support template below into an email and send to with the subject line of 

Property Code – Unit # – Resident’s Last Name – Brief Description. If your request is urgent please indicate in the subject line as well.


Please be sure to list the unit number exactly as it is searched in Yardi and do no include any additional dashes or leave off building numbers. Provide as much detail and information as possible when submitting the email request including what happened prior to the issue or what you believe might have caused the problem as this will assist in troubleshooting.


  • Property:
  • Unit #:
  • Primary Resident / Prospect Name:
  • Prospect / Resident Status (Guest, Applied, Approved, Future, Current, Notice, Past):
  • Issue:
  • Troubleshooting steps already attempted:
  • Have you referenced the Leasing and/or Manager Training Guides?
  • Is this happening for any other employees re-creating issue?
  • Is this happening for more than one resident / unit (if so, list others)?
  • Screen shots (Must be of entire browser window set to Original size if sent from Gmail) :